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Amsterdam 24.04.2021 25.04.2021




Who sees what they say

who lives in a world they can imagine

Who builds a bridge to the world they want

and walk across to get there


The Beach

Dive in the depth,

the silence the absence of light


Nursing AI

In a world made by humans

we work in a place where we cure humans



an Island we are no longer seen as food

chicken our friends

Food is high grass


Economic migrant

We all left our homes

gathered our skills


cold and hot

living in the mind

alive in the memory


Future Generation

Big Silver eggs


smells like a hospital

3d virtual forest


One tree left

There is still hope


Charging point

Egg can be in the ocean

we all work maintaining the egg




The humans strike back

longing to return to something



Colony of humans outside

wanting to live and not just survive

that the last tree

might die


A gigantic eagle

that feeds on silver eggs 

is a prophecy


Eggs are powered

by the motion of the sea

We print paddle


Every egg paddles

and is passed on

and on…


Feel again

the motion

a wave

on it’s way

to the shore

sacrifice is required


Death can be glorious

many volunteer

the ocean requires life

it can’t be fooled


We negotiate

to sustain life

the bigger picture


the sea, the robots

and the economic

migrants meet


A dried flower

floats away from

the seeds produced in the eggs

the chickens dance

like the sea 

in the light

of the robots


Summary of Dystopia


We can never go home

Don’t take away the eggs

don’t feed on me

We can never go home


We are not needed


and we don’t feel bad about it

All motion is gone

Techno Feudalism

Racism is the basis

of the algorythms

Lipstick, blush and bleach

covers all gender emotion

character and curves


The plants eat the chicken

the people become food

to their food


we loose loose

until all is lost

the robots are useless

the moon is gone

the sea stops

Dystopia Destroying Dystopia


Last Phase


A big bang

to take us all back


A bomb to break the code

a big wave to get back on the road

Poem by: Jörgen UNOM Gario 
Drawing by: Stella de Kort


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