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Cyprus 19.7.21 – 25.7.21


“Our task is to make trouble, to stir up potent response to devastating events, as well as to settle troubled waters and rebuild quiet places.” 

Donna J. Haraway, Staying with the Trouble

‘αθυμούμαι’ (I remember – grandad)

‘street view’ (how not to get lost – driving)

‘Τι σου έμεινε;’ or ‘Τι μου εμεινε;’ (beyond facts and historical info, what’s left with me after an event – personal event or something that I might have experienced with others – and then when more years pass there is something left but I don’t remember (or know) where from.)



The memories from the smell of cooking / the taste of the particular food from my family.  I feel like they are with me when I have that smell around me, even if they are far away from me.

Visual perception

Every painting that I have painted, the sceneries of the objects, I would deeply remember every specific time, place , colours when I see the images.

Sound rhythm

Some chinese or English songs when I hear the meaning of the lyrics with music evoke the my deep memories, sometimes it works even without the lyrics but only the rhythm.


Traces written on/in the body. (Personal memory, inherited, genetic memories.)

Diaphanous oral tradition. ‘crick crack’.

Chosen, useful, meaningful artefacts of the past. 

Phylactery of memory.
Seeming of the past.


We envision the future based on what we know. With our ratio, body, emotions, experiences, senses.

my “ideal” Leader should

take the most responsibilities
be a good listener
have the high level of EQ
always take actions, not just talk
take care of others
be open-minded
full of passion, positive energy
express the truth


We play in the sky with no mind.

Look at the divide.

The natural chaos of the world.

The engineered prepackaged intimacy

We put this food in our mouth!

It seems as if the cranes are holding the sun in the sky.

Cats turning the tables.

The humans feed us.

Hierarchy is the main market,

The assumption leaves us shelter in plain sight.

In the garbage, in the garbage of the mind.

This is difficult I feel like running.

My everything is trying to follow your voice

We, the generations of people have split

the world into two parts.


in harmony with the engineering.

Supply from the land,

in harmony with the flora and fauna.

We, we, we play in the sky with no mind

Poem by: Jörgen UNOM Gario | Drawing by: Stella de Kort

I am the leader because i’m practical, i’m strict, i’m positive and I tell the truth.

First act of rebellion: Divorce your parents.  Leave them, take a break, if they are acting in ways that hurt you it is easier to leave, if not, still, it is important to do it.  Take some time apart, 2 years, 3 years but not too much so you don’t alienate from them.  Come back and reconnect as an adult with adults.

Second act of rebellion: For every house you see that has put cement all over their yards – plant a tree in your own yard. A big tree, a small bush, it doesn’t matter.  If your garden is full and there is no room left then you are good – no guerrilla planting or going into other properties.  Respect the spaces and keep a resistance of non-violence like Judith Butler says in her new book.

Third act of rebellion: Fill your street with cats, with toys, with blankets, and gather the children, invite your friends and their children and play with the cats, caress them, start to act like cats and lie on the blankets and meow, start meowing and stay there for a whole day.  Let the cars jam in the avenues, let them jam the traffic lights, spend the whole day there with the cats and enjoy each other.

After all these acts we will be ready to face the black elephant – the poo in the sea.  The herds of shit at the bottom of the sea and the poo and the shit that started to appear on the land too.

This revolution will carry on with all the bees and birds that will come in your gardens and all the love you give to animals, and all the interaction your children have with animals.


Video by: Uygar Erdim

Is it ready? 

 Are we ready?

  Is it ever ready?

   Who decides when it is ready?

  When are we ready?

 How will we know when we are ready?

We will know when we are ready.

  I am ready.

   We are ready.

     We are never ready.


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