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If we can’t break through the spell in reality, we should try to break free through fiction.

We begin.

Let’s imagine a fantasy world!  I will give you some coordinates. Any resemblance with reality is a coincidence. This new world can have any shape or be on another planet, in another dimension… it’s up to you. 

You are children of the future.7 generations ahead.

You live in a world tormented by incessant amnesia. 

History is getting erased. 

All that you have come from, everything that happened before you, is slowly fading into oblivion. What are you without your legacy? Do we need a history?


The floating ancestors
storytelling my work
The I does not exist
If the I does not
Find the story covered in dust
at the back of the bookshelf
Stories emphasise perspectives
Angel dust touching people

red sand
No memory, no pain?
Telling these stories
keeps us alive

If the world has total amnesia
Grey will be empty
the hope, children like you and I
Will dance and scream
Warrior saving and cherishing
the colours

It in the movements
the certain way we unconsciously
develop a tipping point
That moment we choose
we have a choice

No memory, no pain?

Who benefits from a world
without a memory
Retelling and recolouring
is nothing without recollection

Hollow heads with no desires
are content
Children show their courage
in colours

No Tricks
The games we play now
Light up curiosity
Erase the memory
inherit the guilt

The world is the conflict
the natural world
is the past

What if flowers
are an old message
a lady bug
showing affection
to the empty space
in between the plant
sharing spots
love in code

The guilt is felt
seeing the wounded sea

The concrete cracks
under the prism of rainbow
Always Umami
is the foresight
triggered by the taste of dream
praying to the pepper
the body changes it’s paint

The inner strength
creating a line with ancestors
Where power inhabits influence
if the gift of colour
does not cover the physical fantasy

No memory, no pain?
Always Umami
under the prism of the rainbow
we create the physical fantasy

Maybe they remember things when the others throw an object true there hollow heads
· 11:38
they discover they can lift up whole buildings
· 9:40
· 9:15
Imposter syndrome amongst shapeshifters ?
· 9:14
is it poison turned good?
Or a little bit of magic that erupted through the cracks of some cement garden?
· 8:57
They’re body exist out of jelly pudding I mean . You can see there organs ( ore something like organs)
· 8:02
made of the same soil
· 8:12
a seed of something new in a sea of uniformity
· 7:15
· 7:16
Like yelly
· 7:02
we lost our pigment
· 5:40
grey clay
· 5:52
that needs a little water to transform
· 5:49
Grey Shapeshifters
· 5:49
A hollow head with a slurf
· 5:06
with a grey crust
· 4:50
With the uniformity, is there gender?
· 4:38
What do the children of the far future look like?
· 3:34
Maybe they taste with there slurf
· 2:43
where is salt?
Where is pepper?
· 1:54
Umami Moments are purple.
· 0:56
· 0:00
Without a past, they would have no need of forgiveness – our tool for undoing the fixed nature of the past — nor promises, our tool for undoing the uncertainty of the future.
· 0:00
Maybe there head is a wormhole
· 0:00
curious surprise at every corner
· 0:00
The warmth of a hot pepper soup in a grey world.
· 0:00
Maybe they eat only jelly pudding in funky colors. With objects in it
· 0:00
They taste the rainbow
· 0:00
drip drip
· 0:00
The wind that sounds like an accordian, the rain that twangs like a banjo.
· 0:00
Sort of seahorses that play trompet sounds. They float in the sky
· 0:00
pitter patter
· 0:00
Clouds who gives them a certain feel
· 0:00
Nature is patient. It brings rainbows every now and then to bring beauty rythm
· 0:00
· 0:00
· 0:00
In where they can travel true to move on the planet
· 0:00
Seeds of the colorful past sprouting in the grey soil of the present. Guilt like weeds sapping their nutrients.
· 0:00
maybe holding the colour in too long causes the children to spontaneously bleed colours around them, on everything
· 0:00
Maybe the trees look like wormholes
· 0:00
shouting through the cracks in the pavement
· 0:00
maybe a ladybug looks like a shocking splash of colour?
· 0:00
Maybe everything looks hollow
· 0:00
The world punishes them with winter and rewards them with spring
· 0:00
make them forget their colourful insides
· 0:00
The seduction of amnesia and the desire for uniformity may tempt the children to remain the same.
· 0:00
the inside out
· 0:00
need to shake it all about
· 0:00
need to shout
· 0:00
need to jump
· 0:00
ruled by a system
· 0:00
Those who seek change are those who have no other choice. The inevitable.
· 0:00
a system
· 0:00
Something like the Borg in Stertrek.
· 0:00
those ruled by fear
· 0:00
Those who are content with the ignorance.
· 0:00
· 0:00
The children want charge.
· 0:00
Who seeks change in this world?
· Beantwoorden ·
· 0:00
· 0:00
· 0:00
Big snail houses
· 0:00
Little boxes made of ticky tacky and they all look just the same
· 0:00
Like the wizard of oz — black and white in the grey places, vibrant colors where the stories have passed through.
· 0:00
Maybe they have a lot of confession chairs . When they sit they are forgiven
· 0:00
Ivory towers, sandswept shores.
· 0:00
and their hollow heads above
· 0:00
The weight of the world on their shoulders
· 0:00
the intention
· 0:00
the now
· 0:00
you feel it
· 0:00
performed memory
· 0:00
play memory
· 0:00
Their history is storen in their body. That ‘s how they remember.
· 0:00
because they let go of the burden and they are free
· 0:00
They play memory
· 0:00
or do they have the possibility to see beyond pain?
· 0:00
Not all the ancestors are a safe place, there are places of the past we don’t feel we belong. there are no colors there.
· 0:00
They forget when they eat, like gold fish . So they are super big . If they eat in the first place..
· 0:00
Who benefits from a world without history? The powers that benefit from the perpetual now, the disconnection from the past and future.
· 0:00
Recolouring requires a personal sacrifice.
· 0:00
were we so guilty we decided to forget all>
· 0:00
Maybe there heads are hollow, like a bowl.because they don’t need brains
· 0:00
Contagious colors passed forward with the stories of those untold moments of time, along with the power to retell and recolor.
· 0:00
Stories are untold moments of time, that we don’t pay attention to, small children seeking attention
· 0:00
The color rebels in a grey world
· 0:00
or do we highly developpe our intuition? The greatest wisdom of all?
· 0:00
We have hollow souls

Poem by: Jörgen (Unom) Gario | Drawing by: Stella de Kort

The plot is in your hands.
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